Carla started working with special needs in 2006 through Live Music Now, a charitable and cultural institution which provides live music across the United Kingdom. As part of the group called Brazilian Ensemble, she started delivering workshops and performing Brazilian music in schools for children with special needs, hospices, centres for people with physical and mental disabilities. She has been performing about 60 performances a year all around UK and Middle East.
Since then, Carla has also attended conferences and courses in Musicotherapy, Music and neuroscience and methods that can be used to help people with brain injuries, diseases of the central nervous system as well as use with healthy brains, like RGM Ronnie Gardner Method

In 2017 Carla lauched a new space in Lisbon. Putting together all her experience Carla creates the Piano Therapy, classes with therapeutic purpose, supporting children and adults with special needs, patients in treatment of neuro-rehabilitation, stress, ADHD and depression. She also deliver interactive concerts and workshops for special audience worldwide. More details here.
Recommendation letter from Live Music Now - London UK

"Carla Ruaro worked as a musician for Live Music Now between 2006-2011, as part of a trio called the Brazilian Ensemble. During this period I provided regular work for Ms Ruaro, to take live music to children with special needs, patients in hospitals, and for elderly people living in care homes. 

Carla and her ensemble shared the richness of Brazilian culture through their music and were one of the most popular and hard working ensembles on the LMN scheme. The ensemble were also selected to represent LMN at festivals and prestigious show case events. In particular Brazilian Ensemble were selected for a unique outreach project which took place in Abu Dhabi in 2010. They were selected from all musicians on the scheme to represent LMN on this project, which meant meeting senior members of Abu Dhabi government as well as making music with children with special needs.

As you might infer from this, we had the utmost confidence in Carla Ruaro to represent LMN in a professional way at all levels of society – from working with disadvantaged people, to meeting with the most privileged. In her interaction with this range of people, Carla demonstrated compassion, enthusiasm and professionalism, treating all with respect and warmth. She was also very well organized and well presented, and was able to deal with a busy freelance career while at the same time maintain focus and creativity in her work for LMN. Indeed, she is an exceptional representative of her profession and her country.

While working with LMN she undertook a period of study, which she also successfully completed, demonstrating her academic strengths, and her ability to deliver on commitments.

Carla demonstrated to Live Music Now that she is a serious and committed, and a highly able individual who wishes to make a difference, and also to enthusiastically share the culture of Brazil. I think she would be an exceptional asset to your organization, and I highly commend her to you."

Yours sincerely,

Ann Marie Boyle
Assistant Director, Live Music Now
London UK